The organic movement has spread all over the world and is supported by a growing number of consumers in many countries. Thus it is not surprising there are various organizations, associations and interest groups devoted to this subject, too. Apart from the internet, natural and organic products can be found in most big cities in Western and some Asian countries, and in a lesser degree in small towns and developing countries.

Basically there is a multitude of information on the organic sector to be found and an abundance of products and services is available. However, it is often still difficult for ordinary consumers to find specific information and products in which they are interested.

Even though the organic movement and the market have grown rapidly, most organizations, producers, processors and distributors are rather small and barely connected with other people in their own country and abroad. Consequently, finding information about the movement, developments and products gets even more difficult for an ordinary consumer, which is a gap we want to bridge with this portal.
Consumer Information | Business Information

Consumer Information

Consumers benefit from various information on the portal and promote their networking (directly and via mailing lists) through communication and the exchange of ideas with people who have similar interests.

Business Information

Consumers participating in this portal are not only potential customers for business operators but can also assist them in product development and marketing. Many consumers are usually quite willing to provide information and comments about their preferences and to participate in surveys. The portal will support such activities.
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