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Numerous private organizations are involved with various aspects of the organic movement, thus it becomes impossible to cover all of them, even on a comprehensive site like this portal. Therefore, we will start with a wide range of rather large organizations and those acting internationally in order to cover as many fields and topics as possible. We will continuously add organizations, articles and news.

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The information, articles and references related to NGO/NPO, LOHAS and other consumer groups may be of interest for end-consumers.

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For business people the information, articles and references related to
associations and certifiers is probably most useful.


The Japanese LOHAS Market - 2006
Overview: In line with the growing LOHAS (Lifestyles of Health and
Sustainability) movement in the US and Europe, the Japanese are quickly going LOHAS,
mirroring the vast market potential for LOHAS businesses in Japan and beyond. Marking
the ‘LOHAS gannen’ or the ‘break year of LOHAS’, LOHAS-friendly products and service
sales are booming.
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