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The awareness and demand for natural and organic housing and lifestyle has already been existing for some time in Western countries (EU and North America) and began to grow also in Japan and other countries in the last few years.

For most people in Asia and other regions of the world (except Australia and New Zealand) organic products meant food and beverages. Media and global networking via the internet, social media and mailing lists have generated interest for natural/organic housing an lifestyle and subsequently a demand and market for such products.

These trends are likely to continue growing steadily in Western countries and in a more dynamic way in some Asian and other countries.

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Consumer Information

Housing & Lifestyle are related to environment and sustainability and comprise also textiles and other products described in the respective sections of the portal. In addition, there are many other so-called eco-products. The portal provides articles and information about these products and where to find them as well as details on relevant trade fairs and exhibitions.

Business Information

The Housing & Lifestyle sector offers many new opportunities for business operators.
The portal contains articles and information on products from this field of business as well as details on relevant trade fairs and exhibitions.

Matchmaking and other services additionally facilitate business and promote success. (More details in respective sections)


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