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An "Organic Lifestyle" includes in addition to food and other necessities also housing and interior goods made of natural materials. This view is supported by LOHAS members (see related articles) and many consumers who prefer ecological products made of sustainable raw materials.

Some of the contents in the section "Market" may also be of interest to general consumers. In this section they find additional and more detailed information and articles on a wide range of subjects related to natural and organic materials and products relevant to organic housing.

In cooperation with publishers/media from Japan and many other countries the portal offers a global view. Various information about products available on the international market and to some extent also in Japan can be found on the portal. Test reports help consumers to distinguish between apparently similar products belonging to the same categories.

Consumer Information | Business Information

Consumer Information

In addition to the contents in the section "Market", more specific information and articles about organic housing and lifestyle can be found here. This section also includes articles from architecture and other magazines.

Business Information

Organic Housing and Lifestyle are supported by devoted and often affluent customers and offer many business opportunities. Market surveys and interviews with consumers illustrate the already existing demand and increasing potential.


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