Between Japan and the World

Japan is often mentioned as the (potentially) third largest market for natural and organic products after the EU and USA. Growing interest among consumers resulting in a larger market with a wider range of products can be observed, but Japan still has to go a long way to become number three in the world.

In the meantime more products – still many of them imported but also more from Japanese origin – are on the market and available in many shops.

In line with these trends and developments there is a growing demand for natural/organic raw materials and ingredients among processors and for finished products among importers, distributors and retailers.

On the other hand foreign consumers, distributors, retailers, catering services, hotels and restaurants are interested in reliable, high-quality natural and organic products made in Japan.

The main purpose of this section is to facilitate transactions between business operators in Japan and other countries of the world.

It may also be of some interest to end-consumers who are looking for products – which are either expensive or not available in their country or near their home – and want to buy them on the internet.

Consumer Information | Business Information

Consumer Information

Nowadays, many products – including natural and organic products, especially body care, cosmetics and wellness products – can be found and ordered on the internet.

Usually transactions are easy and reliable and most products can be even bought at more favorable prices than in retail shops.

This portal provides several information and links for this purpose. However, there are some limitations:

→ We (ABC Enterprises Inc.) do not engage in e-commerce and cannot accept any orders for products.
→ We cannot assume any guarantee or liability for internet references to e-commerce operators.

Business Information

Business people can benefit from the information and articles presented on the portal.
Once registered in the Members' Area they can also engage in networking with producers/distributors of natural and organic products.
Furthermore, they can use the services of participating professionals and various services offered by ABC Enterprises, such as consulting and matchmaking.

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